In Case You Care…

Here are my own birth stories!  I don’t know, I like birth stories.  Feel free to skip, or to leave your own stories in the comments!

1.  Water broke early, induction wouldn’t take, labor kicked in at the last minute.  In transition, I told my husband that the priest would just have to give me a dispensation for birth control, because I was not doing this again for a LONG time.  Then I told him that I wanted some pain medication after all, and he said “well, maybe you should just wait a while and see.”  Then the midwife told me it was too late anyway, because it was time to push.  Boy, was I mad.  We hadn’t found out the sex of the baby, and I kept asking, until my poor dazed husband (it was 4 in the morning) said, “I think it’s a boy.”  After it all, my midwife said, “well, Rosie, you did it your way” (meaning without pain meds).  I snapped, “I don’t care!”  Suddenly I realized that it really didn’t matter–I had a baby!

Mickey's baptism--she thanks God for the gift of her child

2. Had her about 45 minutes after we got to the hospital.  I had just gotten into the nice warm jacuzzi when my water broke and I had to get out and push, darn it.  Came out in three pushes.  Good girl.  Even though she came out so easily, I felt guilty because I hadn’t pushed as hard as I possibly could.  Gotta feel guilty about something, right?


3.  Went in on Halloween night because I thought I was in labor, spent a couple of hours galloping around the hallways, looking ridiculous, got sent home.  A week later, my water broke, at full term this time.  By the time I checked in, I was shaking uncontrollably with panic, and labor had barely begun.  Epidural!  Why didn’t I do this before!  Slept through my Pitocin-induced contractions, woke up, and it was time to have the baby.  10 minutes and she was out, even though her shoulder got stuck on the way because she was 2 pounds bigger than my other babies.  Made up for the horrible pregnancy by coming out fast and almost immediately sleeping through the night.



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