Burning Question about Cookies

Okay, you guys, this has been bothering me a lot.  And by a lot, I mean “every night when my husband is trying to get to sleep.”  Trader Joe’s sells something called “cookie butter,” which is basically sugar cookies ground up and mixed with vegetable oil, to make a spread.  Then they made cookie butter sandwich cookies, which are made with cookie butter filling.  Then they suggest that you crush these cookies to make a cookie-crumb crust for a cheesecake.  This is taking it a bit too far, in my opinion.  I mean, how right is it to take something perfectly good, like the original sugar cookie, and keep crushing it and mixing it into something new?  Maybe doing it once is okay, but how many times can we do this before you’ve totally destroyed the metaphysical integrity of the cookie?  I’m not kidding.  I can’t figure out why this bothers me so much.  It just seems wrong.


5 thoughts on “Burning Question about Cookies

  1. When I first got to TMC, the cook was a lovely old lady named Marie. She was in her 80’s. She was very frugal. When the kitchen crew would say, “What should we do with this leftover meatloaf?” she would say, “Throw it in the soup, dear!” Then once someone said, “What should we do with this leftover soup?” and she said, “Throw it in the meatloaf, dear.”

    I can understand why you are disturbed. It’s an ouroborus–a snake eating its own tail. It’s an ontological crisis. If cookies are made out of cookies, it’s like the world resting on the back of a turtle, and the turtle on the back of an elephant, and so on. It’s like the island where everyone makes a living by taking in his neighbor’s laundry. It’s like a universe in which every being is contingent. Trader Joe’s cookie butter is radically atheistic.


  2. Things should be what they are, not pretend to be something else. Or be mushed into being something else! Also, malleable things have no backbone. You like strong things with set purpose and identity. This sugar cookie variable presentation mess seems to have neither.

    Maybe? That’s my guess, anyway.

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