Always There

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I made it to daily Mass today! It’s been a while. Actually, I was almost late because of checking Facebook. I feel like that should be an illustration of original sin in a catechism or something.

Anyway, I’m now living down the street from a church with a 9 am daily Mass, and my sister watches the baby for me in the mornings, but this is still the first time I’ve actually gone. It struck me on the way that every morning, if I remember about Mass and wake up in time, I have a little debate in my head: am I awake enough to go? Am I too tired to walk there? Can I hold off on breakfast until afterwards, or am I too hungry? Or should I just have breakfast and skip Communion, or is there not much point to that?

But guess what? the priest doesn’t have a debate. He’s there every morning, whether anyone shows up or not. He’s there, every day, just in case someone decides they need him. He’s there every week, in case you remember to go to confession. He’s a phone call away. A priest I know used to be there for every knock on the door in the middle of the night, until his fellow pastor made him stop out of fear for his safety.

We’re so lucky to have the luxury of a priest who’s always available! God allows us to be lazy and forgetful and disorganized; He lets us decide when we can fit Him into our schedule; but He’s there waiting for us whenever we manage to come.


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