How is a love marriage like an arranged marriage?

Boy, that sounds like the beginning to a stupid pun. But actually, it’s my new article at Aleteia!

The ways we’ve changed have strained our marriage, but they haven’t broken it — because, as it turns out, our marriage wasn’t built on our original compatibility; it was built, like my Pakistani friend’s [arranged marriage], on our basic good will and love for each other, and on our commitment to marriage for life.

Our marriage really isn’t that different from hers after all.

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Make the most out of Facebook

I couldn’t possibly quit Facebook! Who would I send my prayer requests to? How would I get my cute-baby-picture fix? Who would I talk to when I’m home alone with the baby? Here’s an article I wrote for Aleteia, with some ways to maximize the good you can get out of Facebook, and cut down on temptations to gossip or get angry:

6 ways to make your Facebook experience more positive and healthy